During the day it will be possible to taste the beers of the artisan brewery BALANDERS ‘


Balander in Camuno dialect means little good, unreliable, prankster.

Balanders ‘ is a brewery, nestled in the Camonica valley. Gianpietro, Gottardo, Germano and this is their dream.

They select first quality malts and hops to combine them with the pure spring water that flows directly from the heart of our mountains; They are always looking for new flavors, new aromas, new combinations, to create unique and memorable beers, all 100 natural, unpastinised or filtered and preservative-free, born from a true passion that translates into pure and simple craftsmanship: they cure every little detail, at all stages of production, as skilful masters, because for them beer is A work of art that must please and inspire.


From 13pm to 16pm at the Balandars ‘ beer counter is the tasting open.
With only €3 you can enjoy 3 different Balanders ‘ beers, choosing among those present: PITOTA, CURUNA, HAPA and MONEGA.